Why are People in the Word Today Facing Social Stratification?

Ranking and categorizing people based on power, income, education race and the cast is known as social stratification

The doctor had the highest prestige and labor, the lowest. Why?

It’s a sociological phenomenon in which individuals in the society are put in different ranks concerning the same economic condition. To justify the difference between high standards and low standards, society takes the help of social stratification. The distinction in the persons’ financial condition leads to the domination of power by one group to another.

Social Stratification is described by four center standards namely;

Social Stratification has been supposed to be transferable from one generation to another. Each generation receives and obeys this stratification. Very sad to say, but it has become a uniform method to reviewing people based on their cast, power, money and education, not by soul.

This term is said to be universal and variable, which means that classification is uniform in a certain society, but it will vary compared to other societies.

We all dream of an egalitarian society in which all people are treated equally. THe is no classification and ranking system that create a negative line between the people. No higher, no lower, no inferior and no superior. We have to create a world where we have and have-not doesn’t matter to us. But, the reality is far different than our thinking.

Whether we talk about India, Australia, or America, every inferior person is struggling with social stratification. People love to greet those people who have class and status. And to not look bad in God’s eyes, they do charity and advertise it on all social media platforms. We live in a society where an individual’s status is derived from his economic condition. You can found inequality at every corner of this world. Beauty, personality, and physical strength have great importance in the keep going of inequality. The whole inequality pattern is divided into two categories, natural and man-made.

1 Natural

2 Man-Made

Age, sex, color, height, weight come under natural inequality. Man-made inequality is created by our society considering individuals’ wealth, education, caste, religion, and living standard. And all these social inequality patterns are placed in the hierarchically to justify the statement of social stratification.

Socially created inequalities have become proof of the common identity of the person. Like, “He is poor,” “Yesterday i met with the person whose skin color is black” and “His class is so low standard”. These types of identifications are breaking the backbone of the people. The majority and minorities are created by the people to control the power of the powerless. I don’t know when I will see equality in my society. But, it has to be stopped, if we want to create a world where every person lives freely without any social pressure. This old thinking society system has to be demolished. If it were not, an individual born into a particular society categorized as poor, he remains in this society until he dies.

Final Verdict:

Very sad to say, we have reached to the moon, but still, our thinking is below the ground. We are no one to give a tag of poor and rich, short and long, high and low, superior and inferior, powerful, and humble. This is the right time to include an egalitarian society, and remove Social Stratification from our body and system.



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