What is the Zero Waste Movement? And why it is so feminized.

Earth I have exciting news for you. There lots of people around the world who have downsized their trash pile. Because they want you to live a plastic-free life. However, it is an uphill struggle for them, but they all are doing well to make your land clean and healthy. It’s not just a trending hashtag or Instagram influence meme. It’s has become a movement known as zero waste movement.

They contemplatively maintain a strategic distance from plastic packaging, disposal espresso cups, and paper towels. They all have become an expert in reusing, reusing, and reusing.

Aims of the Zero Waste Movement

Why is ZWM so feminized?

As per my observation, female are seem to more act strongly on this movement than males. One of the significant reasons behind is minimalism. Females are adapting a minimalist lifestyle than males. Although social pressure constantly encourages them to do more in every area, they simply happy with less when it comes to #savetheearth. A minimalist mindset allows them to add those things in life that add value. The world ZWM was initiated by female influencers who encourage the audience to use waste products by DIY methods. For example, make lip balm at home, create creative ideas to remake clothes, make almonds milk, and so forth.

I had asked many women how they support ZWM, read what they said -

We restrict buying products to the minimum necessary. We only purchase products when its necessary.

We try to buy products that run longer.

We often buy reusable products.

Rather than paying attention to the appearance of the packaging, we pay attention to what the products are packed in.

We take our own grocery bags whenever we go for shopping.

Instead of throwing old products, we first try to repair them.

We try to consume the products before their expiration date.

We pack our children lunch in the glass lunch box to avoid plastic as much as we can.

We don’t buy zip-lock bags; we prefer glass jars.

When I found that one woman cut the toothpaste from the middle to scratch every bite of the paste, my mind was blown.

Zero waste minimalist life is easier because we are not taking care of someone else waste anymore.

Along with environmental issues, finance savings are among the most prominent reasons to follow the Zero waste movement.

Like many others who want to live plastic-free life, we never leave our homes without an eco-survival kit, which contains a cloth bag, stainless-steel straws, and metal spork.

Zero-Waste wives:

I believe in facts and figures, but i cannot ignore the efforts of the men.

Although this movement has started to save the planet, but most of women don’t care about planet; they are following this movement for themselves. No matter, directly or indirectly, they are doing good for the environment. And i am really appreciate their efforts.

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