There is Something Wrong in Ocean that is Environmental Injustice

When you think about the environment, your mind crafts the pictures of rivers, mountains, peaceful woodlands, and waterfalls. However, the actual meaning of the environment is the conditions in which humans lives. By this meaning, the environment would incorporate your workplace, home, school, and society. Here you spend your time, and these places play a significant role in your overall well-being and happiness.

The environment also believes in socioeconomically:

A healthy environment is necessary to live a life hassle-free. Have you noticed that why poor people suffer a lot when climate change? Poor people’s lives than rich highly impact the adverse effects of nature. Does nature knows about racism? Off-course not, it’s just because of environmental injustice. Environmental injustice is the unequal distributions of the nature burden with respect to color, race, nationalism, origin, and income. People who have a dark color, low income, and come from other countries suffer a lot at the time of heatwaves and storm surge than others. This type of injustice makes it difficult for the poor to fight against poverty.

Nature is for all not for one:

We live in a century where powerful people hold powerless people. When we face any kind of crisis, whether it is economic, natural disaster, war, and so forth, why minority communities are always at high risk? Millions of children living in poverty suffer from an epidemic of lung cancer, kidney failure, and asthma because their houses are located near the industries. The cruelty of racism has reached an extent where every low-income, scheduled caste and a black person has already known there is no weightage of their lives.

Environmental Harms and Environmental Victims:

These communities are homeless and residing in a toxic environment. They have to work harder and harder to make a day meal. A gust of heavy wind and high tides vanish their homes and lives in no less time. This environmental injustice has become a curse for them. This alarming trend is ruining the lives of minority communities. All around the world, these communities bear a heavy burden of environmental problems. When they die, they don’t even know from which disease they have been suffered. An unsafe and unhealthy work environment make them physically and mentally weak. Because of unequal protection, biased judgments, ignorance, and racism, these communities have been facing environmental injustice for several decades.

Environmental Consequences are also Biased:

However, we all need a solid preventive measure against the negative effect of the environment. But, atmospheric pollution, waste production, toxicity, and chemicals are also racist because compared to rich people, poor people are highly impacted by these contaminations.

The race is everywhere, at every corner of this world. Whether it comes to education, jobs, and the environment. Can’t we live without racism? Targeting people because of their color, origin, and status is the worst thing we are seeing and doing in our lives.

Use Environmental Justice and Vanish Racism Now!

Air, water, and the land is free for all. Breathing filtered air and water and living in clean land are the only factors that make our lives healthy and wealthy. So, it’s a high time to implement environmental justice in our planet and save our minorities from the adverse effect of the climate conditions.



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