The Difference Between Ecofeminism and & Intersectional Environmentalism

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Ecofeminism and intersectional environmentalism both support social and environmental justice, but a few things separate the two. One is a branch of feminism that sees the relationship between the critical environmental damage and oppression of women. While the other advocates for women’s liberation, but along with climate justice, it also fights from racial justice.

An Overview of Ecofeminism and Intersectional Environmentalism

Ecofeminism is an activist who examines the connection between the domination of nature and the repression of women.
The term “ecofeminism” was born of the last three decades and also the second wave of feminism. It’s a movement that intersects two critical perspectives- ecological concern and exploitation of women. Hence, Ecofeminism is an amalgamation of environmentalism and feminism.

When did Ecofeminism begin?

This movement was developed in 1970 by the global feminists whose heart-touching voices were screaming to respect the women and the earth. Over time, women became aware of this movement and started to fight against violence on women and nature. During this period, various movements were introduced by women, which revealed the connection between women’s health and the destruction of nature. Hence, ecofeminist attention was on the relationship between nature and women.

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When did Intersectional environmentalism begin?

The term “Intersectional environmentalism” was born when a Green Girl Leah on why environmentalists must speak up for black lives matters. When black people protested against discrimination, she noticed that the environmental community did not support them on social media. So, she made a graphic on “Environmentalists for Black Lives Matter”. After five hours, she saw that reputable environmental communities like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and other organizations had shared her image. And that’s how Intersectional environmentalism took birth.

Final Say:

While Ecofeminism is a part of Intersectional Environmentalism, they both cooperate to defend nature and people from cruelty. The objectives of both supporters are the same; they available around the clock to advocate for the personalities who are facing racism, violence, and sexuality. The concept of saving the earth and people has taken Ecofeminism and intersectional environmentalism to the next level.

So which are you, an Ecofeminist or Intersectional Environmentalist?



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