It’s True Seasonal Eating is Better for you and the Planet- Here’s Why?

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Humanity is eating seasonally since the dawn of time, in addition to the fact that, it is an affordable way to add nutrients in the diet. It’s also delicious, cleaner and better for the planet.

Keto, vegan, zone-diet, and HCG-diet. When it comes to healthy eating, there is always a new diet surfacing every minute. But, instead of looking forward, if we look back to one of the oldest diet methods; seasonal eating- something mankind has been consuming since the beginning of the time.

What does seasonal eating mean?

As climate change across the globe so does the fresh produce available in the market. Each season offers a huge variety of fruits and vegetables; this is a great time to create some new delicious recipes.
Seasonal eating implies eating food soon after it harvested in the local area: local means, supermarket, farmer market, and other shops.

Where did this phrase “seasonal eating” originate from?

It originated from our desire to reconnect with nature. Seasonality eating means adding fresh variety of fruits and food in the plate. Rather than sticking to one type of diet plan, seasonal eating gives you abundant of fruits and veggies that grow in a specific season, like; mango comes in summer, carrot comes in winter, and so on.

What are the health benefits of seasonal eating?

Seasonal eating is yummy. Think about Gala apple in October or a juicy tomato in August. They so darn good and loaded with lots of nutrients.

Eating seasonally means we are also likely to be consuming food that is freshly picked and has high nutrient value.

Food that is purchased in season is more likely to fresher, and above taste, healthier for the body. Locally in-season foods will also appear vibrant rather than dried up.

When you eat overseas food, you can’t be sure what their regulations for pesticides, and herbicide are. Many nations have very lenient laws about the chemical being sprayed when growing food. Due to poor hygiene and careless food cultivating practices, it is good to eat our own nation seasonal food.

Fruits and vegetables that come in winters are loaded with vitamin C. If we intake all winters food in our diet, our cholesterol, skin problems, high blood pressure, and hair fall problems will easily get controlled.

Keep in mind seasonality means variety. It is a variety that can make us physically and mentally strong.

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Why is it better for the planet?

The food we eat affects not only our health but also the environment. Eating seasonally cut the demand of the out of season produce, which means less transportation, less hot houses, and less use of refrigeration. It also supports local farming. When tomatoes are grown locally but out of season in a heated greenhouse, they have higher carbon footprints compared to those grown in-season.

Growing your own food is the best way to support the planet. Zero transportation cost, no packaging problem, no chemicals, and grow under the sun are some of the best reasons to grow food at your place.

Hence, seasonal eating is not just about maintaining good health, but also support the planet bit by bit. If you agree with my article, please claps and share your view right below in the comment section.



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