How To Reduce Plastic And Other Ocean Pollution Simultaneously

Plastic is everywhere, right from the grocery store to the ocean. We are using plastic endlessly for comfort. Every year 13 million metric tons of plastic are found into the sea, which is equal to 1 truck of garbage waste every minute. Innumerable activists participated in the plastic banning movements; 127 countries banned plastic bags and straws.

But here’s the catch- banning plastic bags and straws aren’t enough to resolve ocean pollution problems. Visible plastic waste outside of the ocean- it makes the largest pacific garbage patch, and accumulate the most attention- makes up only 3% of all plastic in the sea. Plastic also sinks to the sea depths, remains suspended in the water, or gets kept out from the sea in remote places, causing difficulty in cleaning.

See What’s study says?

According to the UN environment program, the damage has occurred in marine life due to plastic pollution to be a minimum of $13 billion per year. Apart from plastic, other containment like nitrogen, phosphorus gas, and oil enter in the sea directly through rivers and damage the ocean life.

The adverse impact of plastic on the ocean has completely disturbed the environment life cycle. The properties of plastic have become problematic for the planet. They are a danger to marine animals. Because when these harmful properties of the plastic mix in the ocean destroy the marine environment.

I want to educate people who are still using plastic for their comfort. Listen, there is no planet B. In order to save this planet from environmental issues, we have to ban everything that is harming our natural resources.

“If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.”Dr. Suzuki shares his view with a Native American of the First Nation Abenaki tribe:

Seven Interventions Solutions to Tackle Reduce Plastic and All Waste:

Many studies are working hard to reduce not only plastic waste but also other ocean pollutants. Now, i will tell you the seven important interventions have been released by the major studies to reduce plastic and all ocean pollution.

A blue paper examines the plastic problems and other ocean pollutants. This paper comments on ocean pollution solutions.

As per taking the reference from the World Resource Institute, I will tell you how to reduce plastic and other ocean pollution simultaneously.

1 Improves Waste Water Management:

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average citizens consume 12 gallons of water per day. That means citizens are consuming excessive water per day, which greatly contributes to increase the wastewater. This problem is resolved by developing a sustainable wastewater infrastructure for 3 billion citizens who don’t have a facility to control the wastewater. Untreated wastewater contains tons of toxic and it mix with an ocean directly through rivers. So, to improve the ocean’s condition, it is important to develop a sustainable water management system.

2 Improve stormwater management:

If we implement stormwater filtration, it can prevent waste like pesticides, microplastics, and chemical on the roadways from streaming into rivers and ocean.

3 Adopting green chemistry practices and new material:

By limiting the use of hard substances like PVC packaging, chemicals like phthalates and supporting material that does not impact the environment are the best practices to reduce ocean pollution.

4 Recover and Recycle:

As a responsible citizen, we should purchase renewable, recover, and recycle products. Purchasing products made with recycled material saves energy and doesn’t negatively impact the environment’s life.

5 Implement Coastal Zone Improvements:

By limiting open coast aquaculture. Moving to reasonable land-based aquaculture could reduce various pollutants linked to coastal aquaculture. Encourage activists to participate in the clean beach campaign and make people aware of pollution.

In short, we can see how plastic and other pollutants are ruining marine life. It’s high time to take the responsible steps to reduce ocean pollution and save animals who can die due to a plastic ring stuck in the mouth.



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