Discrimination in the Work Place- Better Luck Next Time!

In this perfect world, society persuades us to believe in honesty and equality, yet many people face discrimination due to their religion, color, sex, national origin, disabled and veteran origin.

Very sad to say, discrimination has become one of the biggest problems of this perfect world. Equality in rights, opportunities, honesty, and responsibility has begun to fade. An employee who works hard in the company to achieve credibility and set an effective benchmark will receive unfair treatment because of legally protected characteristics. There are many laws against discrimination, but it still often occurs. In the workplace, discrimination takes birth, right from the hiring, training, promotions to firing. The effects of discrimination sometimes impact such hard causes employees to leave a job or even commit suicide.

Either to choose hard workers or intellectuals?

However, the world is changing its face by accepting the real truth about people who are born naturally, not intellectually. Still, there are many workplaces which select employees based on their intellectual abilities. Hence the employers will face discrimination against intellectuals.

When i was an early stage of writing, I didn’t even know how to write a short bio. I had left the company because they always say to me, “Have you choosen the right career?” Justifying my abilities had become a regular task for me. One day, I resigned and started freelancing. Now, i am working with the five renowned companies and become a pretty-well writer. Companies have to trust on their employees and believe in their abilities. No all employees are intellectual, but they all are hard workers.

Tattoos Unprofessional or discriminated?

In many companies, tattoos are disapproved of, and this activity is nothing but discrimination. No matter how much experience you are and what the degree is, a few drops of inks on your skin can ruin your career. In this perfect world, employers judge the hand which contains tattoos, not that hand that holds a degree — such an unrelated judgment i have seen in my life.

Age Discrimination:

Discrimination is a word that contains a strong negative connotation. Due to this, many employees have been struggling for several years. Many workplaces have used age discrimination against older workers in order to justify the sociological and economic requirements of the people. According to the report, over two-thirds of retirees had experienced age discrimination in Australia. Negative experience with youngsters had made them retire earlier. Based on age alone, many older retirees face rejections. Education, experience, and remarkable working history were not enough to hire them.

Clients cannot be discriminated in the workplace. Why?

I couldn’t understand the hypocrisy of the companies. They instruct their employee to serve the clients in the best possible way, no matter what they are and where they are from. But, at the time of hiring, promotions, criticism, and rejections, they include religion, color, sex, national origin, disabled and veteran origin.

Final Verdict

In the workplace, there has to be harmony to keep the working environment healthy and productive. For example, if employees are racist against each other, they cannot work together and helpful to each other. Employees cannot feel comfortable and improve themselves until this kind of attitude no longer exists. If you are facing any kind of discrimination in your workplace or out of the workplace, you charge the file against it.




I write copy for change. Subject Inclination: Environmentalism, Climate, Green business, and Social Justice I Find me at: freelancer.akriti98@gmail.com

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Akriti vyas

Akriti vyas

I write copy for change. Subject Inclination: Environmentalism, Climate, Green business, and Social Justice I Find me at: freelancer.akriti98@gmail.com

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