The way entertainment media portrays today’s most pressuring issues is opening the eyes of the people and bringing changes.

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What is artistic activism?

Activism is a practice of tackling social issues by questioning those in power. And it performed in several ways, including through the creation of art, which is known as artistic activism.

There are many ways to change and challenge the system. By using art, we can effectively dramatize the real issues that will create a deeper sense of empathy and grab the attention of the people we may have never met before.

The Power of Artistic Activism

Documentaries, film, music, dance, theatre, and graphics can change…

In this blog, I will go over everything that will help you make zero waste Christmas.

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Like me, so many people are keenly looking forward to celebrating Christmas eco-friendly. If you are dreaming of green Christmas, then you have reached the right place. This blog is dedicated to all readers who want to celebrate this festive season with zero-waste decoration.

Disclaimer over: Ready to get started? Let’s dive right in.

First, I have sorted the zero-waste Christmas decoration into two parts- Tree decoration and house decoration. Feel free to jump whichever part applies to you.

Tree Decoration:

This is generally so pleasant and smells incredible. Many people love drying out citrus fruits, like orange, strawberry, and lemon, but…

A life Savior

This Magic Juice has Saved My Mom From Auto-immune Disease.
My hands were shivering when I wrote this article. I don’t want to think about the bad phase of my mom’s life. My mom had been suffering from Reverse auto-immune disease since 2017. This disease had made my mom’s and my life miserable. I cannot tell you how much it was painful to see my mom in a condition where she could not tell me what is happing to her.

But with positive thoughts, prays, a nutrient diet, and proper medication, my mom had won the battle against this disease.

Climate change and poverty are inextricably linked

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December 6, 2020 Climate change is already damaging the planet, increasing the intensity of heatwaves, floods, and drought, causing billions of dollars worth of damage. However, climate change won’t affect everyone equally.

While everyone worldwide feels and experiences the effects of climate change, the poor get affected the most.

Environmental change hits the poorest people hardest, those living in the endangered zones with the least resources to help them feel difficulty in recovering quickly from the shock. As the impacts of climate change exacerbate, getting away from poverty becomes very tough.

Extreme weather conditions, floods, water shortages, and natural hazards…

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We are drowning in clutter. The things we possess are possessing us. I need to be honest with you: for many years, I was a packrat. My life was filled with an unbearable load of items, from my closet to the desk I work. But my entire lifestyle got changed when I chose to live a minimalist life. Now my rooms are not only clutter-free but also my mind.

While many people refer to minimalism with less, but I can say it is more.

Let’s review the old saying- “Less is more.”

More space, more time to relax, enjoy, and…

Americans produce 25% more waste during the holidays

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The holidays are arguably the best time of the year. Sadly, the holidays are not the best time for our Earth.

Read these facts:

Each holiday season, Americans produce 25% more waste than we do in the rest of the year. The extra waste amounts to 25 millions tons of garbage. If every US family reused just two feet of holiday ribbon, the 38,000 miles of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the Earth. With our small efforts, we can bring a big change, and make this situation a little better.

Christmas is a festival of cheerfulness, love, blessings, and wishes. But…

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I follow a seasonal diet, I don’t purchase chemical-based products, I say no to plastic bags, and I ride a bicycle as a writer who spends all day reading and writing about the environment. One day I saw the news, dog feeding companies are launching natural dog food that completely digestible and healthy. And that got me thinking about eco-friendliness is not limited to humans; we can also participate our pets in this campaign.

If you are a pet parent and want to become an eco-friendly dog owner, then follow these 5 meaningful steps that I have mentioned below.


2. Install Composite Recycled Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Created by author

Aiming to remodel a home, but want to keep things eco-friendly? Look no further than this guide. I have come up with the trendy sustainable home renovation ideas that will make your home energy efficient.

Sustainable Homes Improvement Ideas:

In sustainable home design, windows and doors play a vital role. Most energy flows in and out of a home through them. Install wood frames because they are highly energy-efficient and cost-effective. When looking for the wood doors, there are two things to look for — first, the type of the wood and the second, whether it is formaldehyde-free. …

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Humanity is eating seasonally since the dawn of time, in addition to the fact that, it is an affordable way to add nutrients in the diet. It’s also delicious, cleaner and better for the planet.

Keto, vegan, zone-diet, and HCG-diet. When it comes to healthy eating, there is always a new diet surfacing every minute. But, instead of looking forward, if we look back to one of the oldest diet methods; seasonal eating- something mankind has been consuming since the beginning of the time.

What does seasonal eating mean?

As climate change across the globe so does the fresh produce available in the market. Each…

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As a green business owner, you are always looking for creative ways to promote your products and services that can increase sales. You want to stand out, but you don’t want to be too pushy, right? If you want to get noticed and remembered, and increase the growth of the business then read these successful business tips.

It took me several days to find out the creative, environmentally friendly and successful business tips, so be polite to me in the comment section.

I have taken some examples of the leading businesses which are doing great in the green industry.


I write copy for change. Subject Inclination: Environmentalism, Climate, Green business, and Social Justice I Find me at:

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